The Healing Power of Gardens: Big Green Partner Educates on Herbal Remedies.

Right before the pandemic hit, Big Green partner and Boulder-based company WishGarden Herbs began a healing relationship with the Learning Garden school Girls Athletic Leadership School (GALS) Denver. The pairing was seamlessly made as both parties came to Big Green with an interest in the health benefits of garden herbs. This lead to the creation of Big Green’s first Herbal Wellness Learning Garden.

The goal of this unique learning garden program was to educate the students on how traditional herbs can be used for wellness, as well as serve to inspire a life-long curiosity about these herbs and the importance they have in our daily lives. The first meeting of this program was held in February for the GALS students, led by WishGarden Herb staff and coordinated by Big Green Garden Educators. The enthusiasm and intrigue for the program from the GALS students was immediate through the girls questions and interaction with the content.

Unfortunately the pandemic brought the program to a halt after this introductory meeting. The momentum was tangible so due to the generous support and expertise of WishGarden Herbs we hope to continue this Herbal Wellness Learning Garden into the spring of 2021.

Not only is WishGarden Herbs a generous partner of Big Green communities but they also strongly believe in the shared mission of cultivating a respectful relationship with the natural world by teaching children about our interconnectedness with plants. WishGarden Herbs creates handcrafted, traditional and artisanal herbal extracts and remedies that are greatly needed during this stressful time in our world.

Below is a video to help exemplify some of the intriguing, beneficial herbal education the Herbal Wellness Learning Garden provided. This “virtual herb walk” made by WishGarden Herbs educates about Motherwort, an herb you can grow in your own garden to help relieve anxiety and stress.