Indianapolis School Spotlight: Teacher

Our mission to build a healthier future for kids not be possible without our teachers. They introduce students to the Learning Garden and utilize the space as an outdoor classroom to help teach a variety of subjects. Get you know Leticia Alvarez, one of our educators in Indianapolis!

About you…

1.    What’s your name? Leticia Alvarez

2.    Where do you teach? Parent Involvement Educator at Ernie Pyle Elementary School 90

3.  How long have you been involved with the Learning Garden at your school?  I’ve been involved with the Learning Garden ever since I could envision it being a good fit for our students. Only about a year so we have a lot to learn and grow!

Describe in one word….

4.  The Learning Garden at your school: Becoming

5.  Your students: Bright!

6. Harvest Day:  Awesome

7. Planting Day: Hopeful

This or That?

8.  Fruits or vegetables? Veggies

9.  Apples or Oranges? Apples

10.  Digging or watering?  Digging

11.  Planting or harvesting? Harvesting

Your favorite…

12.  Subject: English Language Arts

13.  Veggie Pun: “We’re rooting for you” (Thank you Google)

14. Book to read in the Learning Garden “Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual” by Michael Pollan & any Pete the Cat book

15.  Website or Blog to find recipes:  Epicurious, Pick Up Limes, and Big of course

16.  Vegetable Spinach

17.  Fruit Watermelon

In the Learning Garden….

18.  Favorite Memory Our harvest day was full of great memories, the students were beyond enthusiastic with their harvest!

19.  Funniest thing you’ve heard kids say Let’s feed the bunnies

20.  Subject that’s the most fun to teach in the garden Math