Community members being taught about a learning garden.  

Spring Harvest and Summer Garden Resources

This time of year is an exciting time of transition in the garden – spring crops are ready for harvest, and summer crops are ready to be planted! The summer garden features exciting and delicious food, but it can be tricky to maintain a garden over the summer in a school setting. To make things as easy as possible, Big Green has developed a number of resources to help schools plant, grow, water, and harvest a variety of themed summer vegetable crops as well as a low-maintenance cover crop to serve your needs. Check out the resources below, including how-to videos, classroom tasting activities, lesson plans, and more. As always, if you have questions as you approach the summer season or would like additional support throughout the summer months, feel free to reach out to your Garden Educator, we are here to support your gardening all summer long.


Special announcement:

We will be saying thank you to teachers who track and submit their harvests by June 15. Big Green will deliver a $125 gift card to 2 teachers for Gardeners Supply. To qualify, just submit at least 1 harvest tracking form based on your spring harvest before June 15. Track those harvests here!


Summer Workshop Presentation with notes: This is a pdf of the presentation and our notes for your review, if you would like a full copy to share with your garden team or students, please reach out to your Garden Educator.





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Spring Crops Videos

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