Spring Beet Fever!

For most of us, winter is still in full swing but we know spring is right around the corner! It is the perfect time to explore healthy and tasty beet root recipes. Beets are a colorful and delicious treat that can be prepared in a number of different ways – as a classroom snack, a dinner side, or as a main feature for lunch!

As a snack: Baked Rosemary Beet Chips
These beet chips are student approved and almost require as little energy as opening a bag of oily potato chips – four ingredients, 30 minutes, and one pan is all you need!

As a side: Roasted Beet Salad
This side dish gives one of our favorite herbs, dill, a spotlight alongside beets for a healthy side dish option!

As a meal: Beet Greens Sandwich
Beet greens are a great addition to any sandwich, and we love that this recipes uses the entire beet plant!

Classroom No-Cook: Raw Beet Salad
This easy recipe is perfect for a classroom tasting activity! Compare and contrast flavors, have your students work in groups to prepare their own recipe by adding in different herbs like rosemary, mint, and / or dill!