Partner Spotlight: FarmToFork

Big Green is honored to announce a new partnership with FarmToFork™ Pasta Sauces! FarmToFork offers delicious pasta sauces made with sustainably-grown tomatoes, along with fresh garlic, basil, and onions — all ingredients found in Learning Gardens across the country. FarmToFork and Big Green have a shared mission of connecting communities everywhere to where their food comes from. We’re pleased to share that FarmToFork is generously supporting Big Green’s work teaching kids about real food through our garden-based, food-literacy programs.

We asked our partners to share why they decided to support Big Green: “At FarmToFork, the goodness we bring to underserved communities extends beyond a donation,” said Mitch Cooper, Brand Manager of FarmToFork. “Through our partnership with Big Green, we provide resources to fund Learning Gardens, support agricultural education through curriculum involvement and provide business mentorship to students through their entrepreneurship program, so that the future of our food and our communities is filled with good.” We’re so grateful to FarmToFork for their generous support and can’t wait to dig into our work together!

Big Green: Tell us more about FarmToFork!
FarmToFork: We make a delicious, new pasta sauce with goodness in every jar. FarmToFork’s goodness is carefully crafted using delicious, simple ingredients, like sustainably grown tomatoes harvested from our partners’ multi-generational family farms and then combined with our focus on connecting local communities to the places where their food grows.

Big Green: What makes FarmToFork different?
FarmToFork: We pride ourselves on making clean-label sauces that bring the best in premium ingredients and delicious flavor straight to your fork. All FarmToFork Pasta Sauces are Non-GMO certified and contain NO artificial ingredients, NO paste and NO added sugars. Our tomatoes are grown with love and harvested with heart by farmers with generations of wisdom earned by caring for their tomato crops and the land. Our tomato farmers are the soul of our sauce and rooted in their commitment to good ingredients, good growing practices and good impact on their local communities.

Big Green: We know you’re just as crazy for real food as we are and we definitely know how much better a sustainably grown tomato tastes! Where do FarmToFork tomatoes come from?
FarmToFork: When it comes to crafting a premium sauce like FarmToFork, each step of the process is just as important as the end result. That’s why we source our tomatoes from multi-generational family farms that grow our tomatoes with a focus on sustainability– because when you start with good ingredients and good values, the result is good taste. We chose our tomato-farmer partners with great care to ensure the ingredients in every FarmToFork jar are grown with goodness. We work with two California tomato growers, Casaca Vineyards and Worth Farms, who put goodness into practice every day.

Big Green: Tell us more about your sustainability initiatives.
FarmToFork: The FarmToFork tomato farmers have deep roots in caring for the land to preserve it for generations to come. All of our tomatoes are sustainably grown because, like FarmToFork, our farmers are invested in a good future.

Big Green: What interested you in partnering with Big Green?
FarmToFork: FarmToFork is rooted in bringing goodness to the world through impactful philanthropic partnerships, and Big Green shares our commitment to connecting communities to where their food is grown. We truly believe that sauce tastes better when it does good.

To find out more about FarmToFork, check out their Instagram @FarmtoForkSauce.

We created a simple summer garden ratatouille recipe using their tasty sauce! Give it a try and download the recipe here.