Seed Exploration Kits

Though the challenges of 2020 are immense, we truly believe every action matters, regardless of how small. Just as bountiful, nutritious food arises from a single tiny seed, we can re-connect with joy, hope and tenderness by caring for that seed. To that end, we’re excited to offer programming and supplies to support at-home seed exploration. Below you can find links to brief videos guiding students through the materials needed to explore soil, seeds, the water cycle and suggestions for simple, fun experiments.

Introduction to the Seed Exploration Kit: Check out the materials needed to start exploring.

Soil Investigation: Use your senses to get to know the growing medium.

Germination Experiment: Try this easy experiment to test where seeds germinate best.

Planting your kit: Time to plant and make some predictions!

Watering: Be patient and careful as your soil absorbs the water and close the lid to see the whole water cycle.

Plant Parts: Are your seeds sprouting? Look closely to see what plant parts you can find.