Memphis School Spotlight: Christ Methodist Day School

Christ Methodist Day school kicked-off their Learning Garden on October 10th, 2017. The school was super excited and decorated their garden with painted rocks and garden stick markers to celebrate the kick-off.

Head of School, Dr. Bryan Williams, expressed how the students were curious and excited about their growing garden. “The kids have loved being involved in it,” said Dr. Williams. “They really enjoyed watching the process of it over the last few weeks.”

Different leadership teams are in charge of watering the garden every day. Dr. Williams would help to set up the hoses for the students. “They were on me if I forgot to get out here and get the hose set up,” he said.

The students took responsibility for their garden. Everyone was on board, even the youngest members of the school. “After school, the little kids, 2 and 4-year-olds, have been out here picking in the beds and I thought they were messing with all the plants. Then I found out they were plucking the acorns out of the garden,” said Dr. Williams.

The Kitchen Community crew returned on November 17th to help the school with their first harvest. There were a few radishes, Swiss chard, dill, kale, and plenty of greens ready to harvest.

The school was excited to use what they harvested in this year’s Thanksgiving Sharing Feast. Every year the Junior Kindergarteners make a stew and put on a feast for students, teachers, and parents. The students helped to prepare their harvest for the feast by first washing and cutting their vegetables.

Mrs. Jane Danahoe, Director of Communications, helped the students prepare their Thanksgiving Sharing Feast as well. “We had tastings of goat cheese with fresh dill and crackers, as well as greens for the teachers,” she said.

The arugula and lettuce from their Learning Garden was used in a delicious salad.

Christ Methodist Day School was thrilled to be able to enjoy their garden’s first harvest at their Thanksgiving Sharing Feast and they are super excited to continue to enjoy everything their Learning Garden has to offer.