Partner Spotlight: Pampered Chef

Big Green is thrilled to announce our new partnership with Pampered Chef, a beloved kitchenware brand that offers high-quality tools through its network of 40,000 cooking consultants. Pampered Chef is generously providing Big Green schools with Kitchen Kits as a part of their limited-time Classroom Kitchen campaigns. Kitchen Kits give schools the tools they need to bring the Learning Garden into the classroom so students can learn to prepare, taste, and love real food. For every Pampered Chef fundraiser held to benefit any school across America in September or October, Pampered Chef will give one Kitchen Kit to a Big Green school in need and a second box of cooking tools and lesson plans to the school who sponsored the fundraiser.

A recent survey from Pampered Chef* found that while nearly 75% of parents wish their kids learned cooking skills in school, more than half of schools don’t offer cooking literacy classes. “As a society we’ve sent a generation of children off into the world without these skills. It’s time to break the cycle, starting in the classroom. Developing a clear understanding of fresh food and basic cooking skills is imperative for our children’s future and long, healthy adult lives,” said Tracy Britt Cool, Pampered Chef CEO.

“This partnership will teach kids across America to prepare healthier foods and educate them in how to use basic kitchen tools. Big Green co-founder Kimbal Musk said, “Thanks to Pampered Chef, students can take the knowledge they’ve learned in their school’s Learning Garden to cook a delicious real food meal.”

From everyone at Big Green, thank you Pampered Chef for helping us build a healthier future for America’s children! We’re honored to be working with your support.

For more information about the program and to find out how to host a fundraiser, visit

*According to a statistically significant +/-3 percent online survey of 1,000 American adults fielded by Pampered Chef on July 11-13, 2018.