National Agriculture Week Spotlight: Vital Farms

At Big Green, we are lucky to work with incredible businesses to bring high-quality, hands-on, real food education to over 340,000 students and counting. We are proud to count Vital Farms amongst our long-time supporters. This National Agriculture Week, we’re teaming up with Vital Farms again to shine light and love on the farmers and agricultural workers we can thank for putting food on our plates and into our bellies. This awesome company has also created a suite of at-home ready activities for kids that teach them all about where their food comes from and connects them to the farmers that grow it!

Vital Farms, a Certified B Corp, offers a range of ethically produced pasture-raised food products nationwide. Started on a single farm in Austin, Texas, in 2007, Vital Farms has grown to become the leading U.S. brand of pasture-raised eggs and butter by retail dollar sales. Vital Farms’ ethics are exemplified by its humane treatment of farm animals and sustainable farming practices. It also prioritizes the long-term benefits of each of its stakeholders, including farmers and suppliers, customers and consumers, communities and the environment, crew members and stockholders. Vital Farms’ pasture-raised products, including shell eggs, butter, hard-boiled eggs, ghee, and liquid whole eggs, are sold in approximately 13,000 stores nationwide.

We recently spent time connecting with the team at Vital Farms to learn more about their National Agriculture Week plans, their exciting new traceability initiatives, and their heartwarming “Thank a Farmer” campaign. Read on to learn more:

Big Green: Why is Vital Farms so passionate about traceability and education?

Vital Farms: We believe that today’s complex industrialized U.S. food system has made it difficult for people to understand and trust where the food on their plates comes from. As a leader in ethically produced food and the largest U.S. brand of pasture-raised eggs by retail dollar sales, Vital Farms believes seeing is better than wondering, so we are making it easy for consumers to see all their partner farms. Simply pick up a carton of Vital Farms eggs, enter the farm name printed on the carton at and enjoy a 360° view of the exact farm your eggs came from.

We know many folks are at home with their kids right now, trying to adjust to virtual learning. In the spirit of National Agriculture Week, we want to help these kiddos learn a bit more about where their breakfast comes from!

Check out the activity guides at the link below for activities made for kids aged 3 – 9+.

Big Green: How is Vital Farms celebrating National Agriculture Week, and why?

Vital Farms: We want to celebrate and recognize the challenging and important work that is farming. Now more than ever, we can appreciate how agriculture plays a significant role in our everyday lives. Without the constant dedication of our nearly 200 small family farms during this time, we would not be able to continue providing grocery stores across the country with pasture-raised eggs and butter.

Big Green: Tell us about your Thank a Farmer campaign. 

Vital Farms: Since launching our traceability initiative in January, our farmers have received over 1000 messages from our community. We have loved reading these notes from customers and sharing them with our farmers in the pasture belt. In the spirit of social distancing, we’re putting together a video for our farmers to show them how much they mean to us.

Join us in celebrating our farmers by sending us a video or a message sharing your appreciation of all their hard work using this link:

Big Green: Vital Farms has long been a supporter of Big Green.  Why do you choose to partner with us?

Vital Farms: We uphold our commitment to our community stakeholders by partnering with local organizations that we feel drive meaningful change relevant to our “why” and our stakeholders. We are proud to support Big Green’s missions to help connect kids to real food through learning gardens and food literacy because this aligns with Vital Farms’ core purpose to improve the lives of people, animals, and the planet through food.

Big Green: Real food is a huge part of Big Green’s mission and work. What does “Real Food” mean to Vital Farms?

Vital Farms: To Vital Farms, it’s all about knowing where our food comes from.  Real food means food that is ethically produced and transparently sourced. And, ensuring the food system also positively impacts each of our stakeholders (farmers and suppliers, customers and consumers, communities and the environment, crew members and stockholders.)

Thank you so much to Vital Farms for your partnership and support!