Memphis Welcomes 100th Learning Garden School!

Wind chills and cloudy skies couldn’t keep Big Green’s Memphis team away from Hamilton Middle School to celebrate the kick off of our 100th learning garden. Hamilton Middle School greeted the team with smiling (and sometimes grossed out) faces, ready to learn about why they got to get out of class for the day.

Our team has done this a hundred times. Literally, a hundred times. We’ve been dreaming of this day since we welcomed our first Learning Garden at Maxine Smith STEAM Academy in 2015. Now that we’re here, we can only say thank you for an incredible 3 years with in this vibrant community.

Why is Hamilton Middle School, Memphis’ hundredth garden, such a milestone for the Memphis team? It means that we’ve reached over 50,000 students in the Memphis area. It means that we’ve taught students why the soil in their hands is different from normal dirt (spoiler alert: it has worm poop in it), that we’ve shown students and teachers how to live healthier lives, and that we’ve learned that we ourselves have something new to learn, whether it’s our first garden or our fiftieth. 

We do this work so that we can positively impact children each day. Teaching students and teachers about the benefits of gardening and eating real food encourages them to explore healthy habits and, ultimately, change their lives. The Memphis team has put countless hours into our programming so that each time they plant a garden, they impact a student in a meaningful way. We are honored to be able to share this milestone with the bright, young minds of Hamilton Middle School.

100 Learning Gardens is truly a landmark achievement for Big Green Memphis – but we aren’t stopping there. We want to ensure that no Memphis child grows up without a real food education.

We can’t do it without you.  Join our $100 for 100 campaign  to support food literacy and nutrition education in these 100 schools and help us build a bigger, greener future for all of Memphis’s kids.