Interview with MasterChef Junior, Logan Guleff

Logan Guleff is a MasterChef Junior winner and he’s also a huge supporter of Big Green! At only 16, he’s already published a cookbook called, Logan’s Chef Notes and Half Baked Tales – Cooking Dreams. We spoke to Logan to find out how he became interested in cooking, his favorite thing to grow in the garden, and what he’s up to next.

Big Green: What got you interested in food and cooking?
Logan: To say I was always in the kitchen is an understatement. It was so exciting and all manners of fun happen in there! Fun, fire, magic and family! I learned that the kitchen is the best place to make people happy with food.

Big Green: When did you start cooking? What is the first thing you cooked?
Logan: I was pretty little (around two). Mixing a jiffy corn muffin mix or making eggs was just start in learning about cooking. I explored baking bread, making pasta, and then I created my first recipe for a contest and BAM! I discovered cooking can take you places.

Big Green: What does real food mean to you?
Logan: Real food is wholesome fresh food that I can create magic out of and turn into a fantastic meal. I just love fresh food. Fresh food is magical!

Big Green: Any advice for kids who are interested in cooking?
Logan: Cooking is great fun – it’s part science, part art, and super creative! You have to follow the rules to be safe but it’s just the most fun when you can cook. So keep a flavor journal, write some notes and keep thinking and trying new foods.

Big Green: What’s your favorite vegetable to grow in your garden? How do you prepare it?
Logan: Well, I can safely say I have a black thumb – plants tend to die just by looking at me! I have herbs and edible flowers but the tomatoes just elude me.

Big Green: What inspired you to get involved with Big Green?
Logan: Big Green is doing amazing work with helping kids connect with food! Who would I even be without my love of food?! I love when people get excited about food. I am proud to be able to work with such a great organization with such outstanding goals.

Big Green: What projects are you working on right now?
Logan: I am starting my second book. I also have a huge food festival coming up and I will do some new cool dishes for festival goers. I always have a few projects that I can’t talk about quite yet – so give me a follow on social media to find out more!

Big Green: Which food emoji is your favorite and why?
Logan: I think I use the birthday cake emoji the most because it’s fun to wish happy birthday with a cake!

Big Green: Anything else that you would like to share?
Logan: The best advice I can give: if you have a dream it’s up to you to work on achieving it!

You can follow Logan on Instagram at @logan.jr.chef and Twitter @LoganJrChef .