March: National Nutrition Month

At Big Green, we eat (literally), sleep, and breathe real food. So when March rolls around and it’s time to celebrate National Nutrition Month, we take it, unsurprisingly, pretty seriously.  It’s a great opportunity to reflect on our habits, uncover new and delicious recipes, share out creative tips and tricks with our friends and coworkers, and challenge ourselves to live healthier lives.  In that spirit, and as National Nutrition Month draws to a close, we want to share some of our favorite resources with you to keep the good nutrition vibes rolling all year long.

A little history: National Nutrition Month began humbly as National Nutrition Week in 1973 and quickly gained popularity in a time when dieting and food fads had captured the public’s attention. Embraced by the American Dietic Association (ADA), the week was eventually promoted to an entire month in 1980. Over the years, people have celebrated National Nutrition Month in many ways, from hosting events and health food fairs in schools, health care facilities, and community centers, to setting team goals and challenges,to displaying bumper stickers and gear emblazoned with each year’s theme (some notable themes included, “Invest in Yourself- Buy Nutrition,” “Food Fads Fool,” “Invest Now… Nutrition is Up,” and more).  In the beginning, the ADA even created Nutribird, an animated spokes-bird made of carrots and lettuce who appeared in advertisements, PSAs, and promotional materials to help spread good nutrition to the world.

While Nutribird may have come and gone but good nutrition is forever. Here are some of our favorite Nutrition Month activities:

  • Planting (and harvesting) veggies: It may be a bit early to harvest anything from most spring gardens, but it’s the perfect time to begin planting and planning. Visit our Garden Skills and Lessons page for all the resources you need to have a successful year in your garden
  • Recipe Tasting: Plan a tasting activity with your friends, students, or family with one of these 10 healthy recipes from Huffington Post that prove that nutritious food can (and should) be packed full of flavor.  Or, try a recipe using Learning Garden fruits and vegetables and visit our Tasting Activities and Recipes for Home Cooking.
  • Eating More Veggies:   Struggling to get more veggies in your diet?  Try these 17 Creative Ways to Eat More Vegetables from Healthline. Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins and minerals needed for our bodies to thrive. They also contain phytonutrients which help fight many different cancers and diseases as well as fighting aging – so make them a mainstay in your diet!
  • Get Out and Exercise: Exercising is an important part of staying healthy, too. March is when spring is just beginning so go outside and enjoy the warmer weather. Remember Vitamin D, a vitamin that helps with bone mineralization and absorbing other vitamins, is found in sunshine!