Make & Take Herb Bouquets

As our midwest Learning Gardens wind down for winter, we hope to keep the love of plants alive in the classroom and at home with monthly garden activity suggestions. For November, we thought it would be fun to get to know your herbs while making little mixed herb bouquets to flavor holiday meals. 

After all the summer and fall produce has been harvested, the perennial herb bed is often still full of aromatic greenery. Anyone who’s had a happy healthy herb plant like sage, thyme, parsley, or oregano knows how big they can get, and they often grow faster than they’re harvested. Those new to growing herbs may find it difficult to identify what’s what and how to use them.

Our Make & Take Herb Bouquet activity combines an exercise in sensory observation with a simple craft to help you and your class learn the different herbs in your garden. The file linked below includes teacher information and student worksheets. Stay in touch with your Garden Educator and let us know how your group likes the activity. 

Make & Take Herb Bouquet Activity  (.pdf)