Introducing the Seed

It’s easy to gaze out on a winter garden and think everything is dead. Any plants left standing have lost their color, leaves and fruit are brown and shriveled. We sometimes forget that inside that decaying fruit and at the end of those brown brittle stems are one of the most important parts of the plant life cycle – seeds. Despite their relatively small size and unassuming appearance plant seeds are integral to reproduction, especially for annuals that die completely in winter. 

We thought December would be a great time to take a deep dive into seeds with this activity from the Denver Urban Gardens Curriculum. It’s associated with Life Science standards for grades 2-5 but can be adapted to any level of instruction. Lots of great background information is offered for teachers and students as well as suggestions on multiple ways to study various seeds from beans to onions. Reach out to your Garden Educator if you need seeds. Thanks to our sponsors, Johnny’s Select Seeds and Seeds of Change, we almost always have extra on hand. We hope you and your class are as inspired by the power of seeds as we are. 

Introducing the seed activity