Home Gardening Virtual Workshop

Thank you for joining us on our first virtual workshop! We enjoyed seeing you all again and hearing what you were growing at home!

Below you will find the resources we mentioned and some supporting documents that reiterate covered topics.


Container Gardening

  • Growing Vegetables in Containers – UC Cooperative Extension of Contra Costa County >> a quick primer that reviews: what crops can be planted in containers (including what tomato varieties can be planted in 5 gallon containers), water conservation tips, how to select a good container, and more.
  • Container Garden Whimsy – University of Illinois Extension >> ideas for using found objects
  • What is the best soil for potted plants? – University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension >> a simple explanation of soilless mixes/media
  • How to Make Your Own Potting Soil – Genesee County Master Gardener Newsletter >> a great write up on the pros and cons of different soil components and ideas on how to substitute environmentally harmful ones


Additional Resources

Thank you again for joining; we hope to see you soon!

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