Hip Hip Harvest

Learning Garden abundance is upon us! What colors, shapes, and varieties are being harvested from your garden this spring? Introduce students to new flavors in the classroom with the recipes below, or try them at home with friends and family!
  • Radish Slaw – Turn your zesty and bright radishes into a flavorful and colorful slaw that is yummy on its own or as a topping on tacos.
  • Baby Beet & Carrot Salad – Carrots and baby beets are always tasty on their own but try them dressed up with a yogurt dressing in this healthy and refreshing springtime salad.
  • Young Greens & Herb Salad – Use your young and tender lettuces, kale, and spinach in this simple and classic salad. Make an easy vinaigrette and top with fresh garden herbs!
  • Garlicky Swiss Chard Stir-Fry – Enjoy mouthwatering garlicky greens and chickpeas as a side to a main dish or on its own! Substitute or add other greens like kale, spinach, or Swiss chard.