Giving Thanks to our Partners

As we approach the end of this year and most schools have finished their fall harvests, we wanted to take a moment to thank several of our key partners who have helped us provide excellent materials for the schools we work with!

Johnny’s Selected Seeds is an employee owned seed company dedicated to helping families, friends, and communities feed one another by providing superior seeds, tools, information, and service. Johnny’s, our national seed sponsor, donates a 2-gallon bucket of seeds for EVERY school with a Learning Garden every year! Be sure to sign up for a Johnny’s Seed Catalog, or check out their online database of seeds to explore the full list of vegetables you could grow at school or at home.

The Pampered Chef sells high-quality kitchen tools and believes that the power of cooking can bring people together and is the cornerstone of realizing each person’s full potential–in the home and in life. The Pampered Chef has donated 500 Kitchen Kits to Big Green schools this school year! So far, almost half of those kits have been delivered schools. If your school has not received a Kitchen Kit and you are ready to prepare food in your classroom with students this year, reach out to your local Garden Educator to plan to receive a Pampered Chef Kitchen Kit this spring!

Sustane offers a range of 100% organic soil nutrient amendments for farms and gardens. The bottom line in all food production is healthy, and nutrient rich soils. Sustane has worked with Big Green this past year to improve soil health of Learning Gardens through amendments of nutrients and microbial life!

From all of us here at Big Green, we send a huge thank you for your support! Together, with the dedication of passionate educators and partners across the country, we can work to improve the lives of countless students across the country.