Garden Lead Spotlight: Danielle B, Hawthorne Schools

Welcome back to school! We are happy and excited for the new school year. New seeds and new garden adventures await us. Because our garden leads are super important we’d like to feature a different lead every other month.

Our Hawthorne schools lead will kick off the new school year.  Danielle B, is our garden lead in Hawthorne. She currently works with the students at Eucalyptus Elementary, York Elementary, Washington Elementary, and Bud Carson Middle School. In addition, to our schools she also visits 8 more Hawthorne schools.  She gardens with the after-school programs and she teaches them how to prepare simple and healthy dishes. Because we know that Danielle is super busy we only asked her 3 questions.

1. What do you like to grow in the garden?
I haven’t found anything I don’t like growing. But I love growing peas. So much fun to go snap and eat in the garden. And their tendrils are fascinating.
2. What challenges do you experience in the garden?
We had a pill bug infestation and they ate all the pumpkin seedlings. Although I have experienced some challenges. It’s really fun to grow organically and to learn about nature through this process.
3. What is your favorite recipe?
I love simple things. One of my favorite recipes that we prepared is zucchini, cucumber and tomato with a little olive oil, salt and pepper.