Focus on a Friend: Front Line Farming

Front Line Farming is a farmer advocacy and food justice group based in the Denver metro area. They operate three farms in the Denver area, as well as the Center for Food Justice and Healthy Communities. Through these sites, Front Line Farming promotes education and leadership in farming, focusing on engaging women and people of color of all ages in the practices of food sovereignty. Their farms are community gathering spaces, literal sites of celebration of Black art, indigenous farming, and community culture.  Front Line Farming is breaking down barriers. By growing local, organic, sustainable food and providing it on a sliding scale at local markets, endeavoring to increase access to fresh, healthy produce, Front Line Farming is bringing the farm to the people. With an explicit goal of increasing equity in the food system, they take a dynamic approach to farming, engaging newcomers while also training and paying expert farmers fair wages. They are creating a system that touches the community at many levels, often bridging societal divides, while working to rebuild a farming foundation in marginalized communities.  Front Line Farming is a true leader when it comes to sustainable farming practices. Using not-till, carbon sequestering techniques, as well as water conservation, permaculture terracing design, and cover crop development, they have championed farming adapted to Denver’s arid climate. Growing tens of thousands of pounds of produce on three plots totaling about 4 acres, Front Line is proving you can grow big with sustainable, ancestral practices.  At Big Green, we believe in the work that Front Line Farming is doing and are allied in the battle for fresh healthy food access in our cities. By bringing food to community spaces, by engaging people of all ages, by teaching people how to grow their own food, we are trying to cultivate the farmer in each of us. Whether you learn at your school’s Learning Garden, or a larger farm in your community, we just want to see some dirt under those nails. We know that if you give it a try, it will change the way you see food, and maybe the way you see yourself.  Check out Front Line Farming for yourself and see how they are engaged in your community. Look into volunteering with one of their programs or support them here.