Farm to Fork Interview

We’re so excited to partner with Farm to Fork! They’re providing resources to fund learning gardens, food literacy programs, and business mentorship to students–so that the future of our food and our communities is filled with good.

Big Green: What is Farm to Fork?
Farm to Fork: We’re a new delicious tasting pasta sauce made with simple, premium ingredients you can feel good about eating.

Big Green: What sets your brand apart?
Farm to Fork: Our tomatoes are grown with love and harvested with heart by farmers endowed with multiple generations of agricultural wisdom. Our tomato farmers are the soul of our sauce and are rooted in their commitments to good ingredients, good growing practices and good impact on their local communities. 

Big Green: What farmers do you work with?
Farm to Fork: We chose our tomato farmer partners with great care to ensure the ingredients in every Farm to Fork jar are grown with goodness. We work with two California tomato growers, Casaca Vineyards and Worth Farms, who put goodness into practice every day. 

Big Green: Tell us more about your sustainability initiatives.
Farm to Fork: We’re committed to high-quality sauces with short, simple ingredients lists. All Farm to Fork Pasta Sauces are Non-GMO certified and contain NO artificial ingredients, NO paste, NO artificial preservatives and NO added sugars.

Big Green: What interested you in partnering with Big Green?
Farm to Fork: We both share a passion for connecting communities to where their food comes from!

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