Fall Garden Resources

This time of year is an exciting time of transition in the garden – summer crops are ready for harvest, and fall crops are ready to be planted!  The fall garden features exciting crops that are great for making a delicious salad, but it can be tricky to plant and harvest from your garden when school is just starting back up. To make things as easy as possible, Big Green has developed a number of resources to help schools plant, grow, water, and harvest all of their fall garden crops. Check out the resources below, including how-to videos, classroom tasting activities, lesson plans, and more. As always, if you have questions about your fall garden or would like additional support throughout the next few months, feel free to reach out to your Garden Educator!





Tasting & Eating




pK-2nd grade

3rd-5th grade

6th-8th grade

9th-12th grade

All Grades