Donor Spotlight: Johnny’s Selected Seeds

If you visited your local Big Green office late this summer, you might have encountered stacks of plastic buckets, waiting to be delivered to lucky schools waiting to sow their first seeds of the season.

Thanks to the generosity of Johnny’s Selected Seeds, Learning Garden schools across the country received pails containing a full year’s supply of seeds – enough to grow a productive garden from fall to summer and beyond.  And since the growing season in a Memphis Learning Garden looks a little different from that of a Chicago garden, each seed pail contains a unique set of seeds that corresponds with Big Green’s regional growing plans.   So, while Colorado students are pulling up spinach, LA students can be putting down carrots.

Johnny’s kindly donated over 450 seed pails in all, covering current Learning Gardens and those slated to be constructed by the end of the school year.

Johnny’s mission is to help families, friends, and communities feed one another by providing superior seeds, tools, information, and service. Big Green is proud to be working with the support of such a stellar, community focused partner!