Community Member Spotlight: Scott Goergen

For the past year, Big Green’s Colorado and National teams have been lucky enough to count film maker, Scott Goergen, as a part of our community of volunteers and supporters.  Scott, the man behind e-commerce and digital media company, Penshire Media, has been working behind the scenes to help Big Green develop video content to tell our stories in new and exciting ways.

Scott’s first video with us helped announce our new name – Big Green – and he’s currently working with our team to capture the journey of a Learning Garden school from installation to first harvest and beyond. (We can’t wait to share that story with you!)

We recently connected with Scott to hear more about his experiences with the organization.

Big Green: Why did you choose to become involved with Big Green?

Scott Goergen: The mission and long-term goals. When you learn about the mission and goals of Big Green, it’s impossible to not want to join in and help! Food is such an integral part of everyday life for everyone, yet so many of us make poor choices about food, simply because we don’t know any better. These poor dietary choices negatively impact our energy, health, and life. The sooner kids (and everyone) can learn about making healthier food choices, the better off they’ll be.  The Learning Gardens are incredible tools for the youth of our country to get a first-hand look at what real food looks and tastes like. The gardens empower the students by giving them an opportunity to be proud of growing something from start to finish while learning the benefits of gardening and eating healthy.


Big Green: What have you most enjoyed about your time in the Learning Garden?

Scott: Witnessing the first-hand impact that the Learning Gardens have. It’s incredible to see the students harvesting the garden. The look on their faces as they pull out a fully grown vegetable knowing it came from a tiny seed (that they planted) is fun to watch. The excitement the students get from harvesting creates an experience that they will carry with them forever. Next time the students see a salad or vegetable, they will be able to fully understand and appreciate where it came from. Experiences like this are priceless and will inspire a student start eating fruits and vegetables more than if they just read about it in a textbook.


Big Green: Do you have any favorite memories or moments from the Learning Garden?

Scott: Aside from watching the harvests, I have really enjoyed seeing the Big Green team in action. The Garden Educators are so passionate and knowledgeable which made the students eager to learn and get their hands dirty working in the garden!


Big Green: Is there anything you were surprised to learn about our work?

Scott: It was exciting to learn that Big Green’s goal for 2020 is to impact 500,000 students with 1,000 Learning Gardens! Big Green will be an incredible organization to follow for many years to come as they strive to put a Learning Garden in 100,000 schools across the US!

Thank you Scott, for being such a great member of our Big Green community!