Calling Garden Story & Illustration Submissions

Looking for fun, easy quarantine activities for the family? Look no further! During the next week Big Green Memphis is requesting submissions of stories and illustrations about gardening, especially gardening in our Learning Gardens. Fire up your imagination, reflect on your time in the garden, and share your stories with us! 

ANY submission is welcome – from one sentence, to three pages, to haiku, to a drawing of your favorite vegetable – we want to see your work!

Here’s how to submit:

  1. Put on your imagination cap and write or draw a picture of the garden!
  2. Take a photo of your work and email it to Include your 
    1. Name (First and Last)
    2. Grade
    3. School
  3. If a picture doesn’t do your work justice, you can attach a word document to the email OR type your story in the body of the email OR mail your submission to:

Big Green Memphis
3548 Walker Ave.
Memphis, TN 38111

Again, be sure to include your

  1. Name (First and Last)
  2. Grade
  3. School

Submissions will be accepted through Monday, April 6th.

Some submission inspiration (for all ages):

  • Draw a picture of your school’s Learning Garden full of fruits, vegetables, and flowers! 
  • Write a story about your experience planting the garden with your class, or planting something at home!
  • How have you noticed growth while at home?
  • What’s your favorite vegetable and why?
  • Describe someone who loves the garden.
  • Describe an experience of trying a new food fresh from the garden.
  • Write a story about a community garden, be sure to include specifics of who, what, when, where, and why. Paint a picture with your words.
  • Craft an argument about why school gardens are important. Include these elements of a good argument: make a claim, address counterargument, offer evidence to support your claim. Use your persuasive voice!
  • Check out our Memphis Photo Gallery for visual garden inspiration!

We look forward to reading your submissions! These stories and illustrations will be used as inspiration for a book about the Big Green Learning Gardens. Help us write it!