Memphis School Spotlight: Memphis Scholars Caldwell-Guthrie

The superstar of Caldwell-Guthrie’s Learning Garden was a young man named Laterius, a fifth grade student at the school who was the main person in change of watering and taking care of the garden during their fall season.

Laterius watered the garden every day.  “I hook the hoses to the connectors and wait about 25 minutes to come back out. Then I feel the inside of the soil and it’s watered. Like two or three weeks ago I had to top water it.”

Laterius is very dedicated to taking care of the garden. While all the other students were excited to not be in school for Thanksgiving Break, Laterius was more interested in making sure the garden was still taken care of. “I was here Thanksgiving Break. From Tuesday to Friday I came up here in the morning and watered.”

Laterius enjoys working in the garden and is very proud of everything that is growing. He is most proud of the garlic, lettuce, and dill “because they grew the fastest.” He had not eaten most of the vegetables that were growing in the garden, but he was definitely excited to try some new things. When asked what he was most excited to try, Laterius said, “Some radishes because my grandma said they’re good.”

Laterius harvested some arugula, and helped the kindergarteners harvest a half of a pound of kale and a pound of collard greens. Thanks to the hard work and dedication from this amazing young man, Caldwell-Guthrie’s Learning Garden continues to grow and had a very productive fall season!