Ask Farmer Tim – Gardening with Kids – March 2018 Bonus!

Every month in The Beet, Big Green’s teacher newsletter, Farmer Tim answers some of our most pressing garden questions. Since home gardeners need advice too, Farmer Tim is dropping by with some fun tips for getting kids involved in the garden this season.

Dear Big Green friends,

I expect that some of you, like me, are dusting off your green thumbs right now and thinking about planting a spring garden. If you are, and you want your garden to be as productive as possible, be sure to involve your kids!
On top of providing them with fresh and healthy vegetables, you can instill in them life-long healthy habits and preferences for healthy foods simply by having fun in the garden with them.

Here are a few ideas to help you have a fun in the garden with your kids:
  1. Involve your kids in the garden every step of the way from planting and watering, to harvesting and eating.
  2. Grow a variety of ‘snackable’ veggies that can be eaten, tasted, or smelled right in the garden, or inside after a quick rinse – a special treat kids will remember: Cherry tomatoessnap peassnap beanscarrotsradishescucumbers, and herbs.
  3. Grow veggies that feature a diverse array of colors: Some examples of colorful veggies that we like to grow are mixed radishespurple carrotssugar snap peasmixed lettuces, and swiss chard.
  4. Bring your kids to a local farmers market or Farm Stand to purchase veggies straight from real farmers. We have launched a new tool on our website called our Impact Map that can help you reach out to your local network of farmers markets. Use the ‘layers’ function in the map tool and select ‘Farmers Markets’ to show markets near you.