Staff Spotlight: Sophia Zucca

Sophia started as a Finance intern with Big Green and we’re thrilled to have her join Big Green full-time as a Budget Analyst! Originally from California, Sophia grew up spending lots of time in the garden and is so excited about the opportunity to bring real food to children across the country. Get to know more about Sophia below!

Favorite Vegetable: Orange Pepper

What plants are you growing right now? Lots of succulents and herbs!

What do you enjoy about working for Big Green? I believe that seeing where our food is grown is so important and Big Green provides a fun, unique, and interactive way for students to engage in gardening. I was thrilled when I heard about the work Big Green is doing and the mission to educate students through Learning Gardens.¬†Getting to be apart of a hard working group of “do-ers” who are all aligned with the mission to bring real food to everyone is really amazing.

Harvesting or Planting? Planting! It is so fun to watch the journey a seed takes to become a full grown plant or flower.