Big Green Indy Soil Workshop Resources

It’s Alive!!! We had a wonderful time at our recent soil workshop and hope everyone who was able to come gained a deep appreciation for the wonders of soil. We have compiled all of the resources and activities we used in the workshop so you can teach the wonders of soil to your students.

Soil Presentation Slide Deck: This slide deck has been adapted for use in the classroom with your students. It covers soil basics, nutrient movement in the soil, your Learning Garden Soil, and soil maintenance.

Soil Worksheet: Your students can work in groups to fill out this worksheet as you go over the makeup of the soil and the way nutrients move through the system.

Soil Ribbon/Identification Activity: This wonderful worksheet from the NYC Master Composting Manual will help you and your students identify various types of soils (page 25-26). Also useful for soil background information.

Soil Nutrient Card Game: Play this fun game with your students to teach them about the balance of the nutrient cycle and how humans can disrupt it. Included are the instructions as well as a PDF for the cards.

Soil Investigation: Use the soil investigation to activate the inner scientist in each of your students as they use their senses to explore the soil.