Back to School Workshop Recap

We had a great Back-to-School Learning Garden workshop on Wednesday August 14 and everything we covered is summarized right here for you to share with your Garden Team. In addition to the garden skills below we introduced new support services that Big Green Garden Educators are offering this year, such as classroom food literacy programs, community engagement support, and plant health activities. Feel free to reach out to your garden educator if you have any questions.

Learning Garden Harvest:

  • Use our handy-dandy Teacher Harvest Prep Worksheet to help plan your harvest events.
  • We shared the Plant Centric Harvest Guide, which shows how to harvest different plant parts.
  • We talked about safe and sanitary harvest protocols. #1 Make sure kids and teachers wash their hands before harvesting. 
  • We reviewed all the items in your harvest kit (see attached list) and how to keep it all clean for harvest day. We recommend keeping a spray bottle of vinegar solution with the harvest kit to sanitize the buckets and scissors.
  • We discussed proper bagging and storage of produce. Encourage kids to be gentle and careful with the produce to minimize bruising. Refer to our Refrigeration Guide for tips on cold storage.
  • Let your sweet potatoes grow until October when the leaves and vines turn brown. That’s when you know they’re ready to harvest.
  • And as always please weigh and record all the produce. Use the Harvest Tracking Form in the garden and enter the data on our Online Tracking Form

Fall Planting Plan: 

  • We reviewed how to identify if plants are ready to be pulled out (i.e. leaves look yellow or brown and plants have stopped producing flowers or fruit)
  • Here is the Fall Garden Guide, for those of you who choose to plant a fall garden. Let your Garden Educator know if you need fall seeds or seedlings.
  • Here is an activity to help you plant seeds with students.
  • If you don’t have your own set of planting strings, here’s how you can make some with your students. Planting Strings Activity
  • We have blank garden maps for all of our schools. Let your Garden Educator know if you’d like a copy to help you plan your fall garden.

Classroom Recipes: 

Below you can see the recipes we shared in the workshop to highlight your summer vegetables. They all came from our Big Green Tasting Activities

  • Raw Beet Salad
  • Pico De Gallo
  • Create a Salad Dressing