Ask Farmer Tim | September 2017

Dear Farmer Tim,

Now that students are back in school, we’ve been harvesting a ton of produce from our summer Learning Garden! We are planning to continue harvesting our summer crops gradually throughout the fall, however, we’ve already harvested and enjoyed our root veggies – which means we have two empty beds! I would really love to continue growing produce through late fall.

What are some good crops to plant now that will grow in time for a late fall harvest, and when should I plant them?


Eager to Grow

Dear Eager to Grow,

This is a fantastic question, and I love how enthusiastic you are about working in your Learning Garden with your students!

The answer depends on where you live! If you’re growing in Colorado, Chicago, Pittsburgh, or Indianapolis, you have a shorter amount of time in your garden before freezing temperatures end the growing season. If you’re growing in Memphis or Los Angeles, your growing season is much longer. With warm weather lasting longer than in other regions, crops can grow into, or even through, the winter.

With fall around the corner, you can consider planting cool weather crops that you traditionally grow in your spring garden! We recommend growing crops like lettuce, spinach, radishes, and peas for pea shoots. Most of these crops take around 45 days to harvest, so, depending on the climate of your region, try to plant at least 45 days before you would expect the first fall frost to occur. On average, planting before mid- September is a safe bet.

Click here to look up your first fall frost date using your zip code!

Remember to connect with your Garden Educator to discuss your fall growing plans. We would love to help and we even have fall seeds for all of our schools! As always, remember to water your plants daily and plan a final harvest event at the end of the season to celebrate all of your hard work!

Peas & Gloves,

Farmer Tim