Learning Garden Application Tips

When you click APPLY NOW, you will be redirected to our online application. Please keep the following in mind while completing the application.

  1. Frequently save your application. A save button is located at the bottom of every page. The first time you save, you will be prompted to enter an email address. You will receive an email with a link to retrieve your saved application at a later date. Important: The link to retrieve your application will only be sent the first time application is saved. It is recommended that you bookmark the link.
  2. Fields with a red asterisk are required. They do not need to be populated to save application.
  3. To add Garden Team members and school contacts select the +add item button. Garden Teams with three or more members in addition to Garden Team Lead are preferred.
  4. Drag the lower right hand corner of large text fields to increase text box size.
  5. Only submit your Learning Garden Application when it is complete. Once an application is submitted it is no longer available for editing.

Please contact info@biggreen.org if you have additional questions.