Our History

Big Green was founded in 2011 by Kimbal Musk and Hugo Matheson. Kimbal and Hugo co-founded The Kitchen Restaurant Group together in 2004 and were supporting local school garden initiatives through their restaurants. They were inspired by the way school gardens can help kids increase their preference for nutritious foods, develop healthier responses to stress, and improve their academic performance. They wanted to find a way to achieve that same kind of local impact at scale, so that children all over the country could reap the benefits of a thriving school garden.

Kimbal and Hugo founded Big Green, formerly The Kitchen Community, in order to create a replicable, scalable school garden solution. They built the first-ever Learning Garden in Denver, Colorado at Schmitt Elementary, where it still thrives today.


We build Learning Gardens at scale—at least 100 in any given community. Working at scale not only enables us to work more efficiently and cost-effectively, it also accelerates a shift in food culture within a community. To bring our Learning Gardens and education programming to 50,000+ students is to create a much larger change in a region, ensuring that it chooses and values real food over processed, benefiting the community in the long term.

We currently reach over 300,000 students around the country each day and look forward to a future where every child has the opportunity to connect to real food right in their schools and communities.